Real time Vegas TR.

OK, first TR so be gentle. I will try to update this trip as it unfolds! Players are myself and wife. 5th trip to Vegas, so we have a good idea of the ins and outs. Side note, we got married here on 1-2-2003! Little White Wedding thru version! (hey, we have been together for 14 years, so it was the way to go!)

Combination anniversary trip and dw turning the big 40. Used miles to fly fc out of MHT toVegas on USAIR, gulp. First time in fc, pretty cool. Flight out on NH yesterday was just as the snow had started, but before the ice came later in the day. Onto Philly and arrived here at 1130 am on 1-12. Hooked up a sedan outside for 30 bucks, wifey loved that! Side note,we went thru the tunnel for the first time, fixed rate so who cares!

Staying at Bellagio (7nites), again first time, got a rate of 159 on travelocity even on the weekend. When I confirmed via the phone and again when we checked in, they were amazed at the rate...especially for the weekend. No upgrades, room is on 20th floor and facing Caesars. We have previously stayed at TI, Flamingo, MGM. Nice room, great bathroom and cool electronically controlled drapes!

Ok, so check in smooth, 5 minute wait. Bell guy drops off the bags, run over to ABC store at the Alladin, for some essentials, booze, h2o and snacks. Great store and very good prices! Picked up that tip on these boards! TY! Back to the B.

Down to the casino and time to let it rip. Bankroll for us tightwads will be 150 each, a day. Checked out a lot of the penny and nickel machines with varying luck. Good drink service and then over to Barbary for Big Elvis and the Victoria room, as well as some more gaming. Elvis is great and is Big, but gotta dig those pearly tones! Had some chinese food, and wife had a wrap. Very tasty, standard fare, and got out of there for 25 bucks, w/ tip.

Back to the B, for one more crack at the slots(that is all we play), at this point we had been up for 25 hours and hit the sack for the night. Great bed and pillows. We got to bed around 10, i got up at 3 am, made some coffee(brought our own maker and got some great coffee and ABC), checked email, and typed this wonderfully entertaining report. LOL

Thoughts of day 1...Bellagio staff and room, very good...ABC store rocks(saves us from going to CVS or Walgreens and is right across the street!), sunny and 50's, nice. I am too old to stay up for 25 hours straight! Thanks to all on this board, as I have lurked for years and learned much! Now it is off to BC for the 2.95 midnite teaser and then time to hit the slots. One last side note, we have done many of the touristy crap on previous trips, so this trip, no plans, just wing it every day!



Day 2...we left off, on our TR from yesterday, heading to the BC for breakfast. Got there around 530 am and were out and headed to NYNY by 6. Basically, just wanted to play at NYNY and pick up some crap at CVS.

No big wins or losses, again playing mostly penny and nickel machines. The only quarter machine I played was Elvis. He, per usual, sucked a 20 right out of my pocket in no time. Nothing else to note at NYNY.

Off to CVS and then we head off to Aladdin. At ABC, picked up some more room snacks, including fresh fruit! Walked around the shops for a bit, then back across the street for some R and R. A quick snack, and it is nap time by 11 am.

After nap time, made some joe and decided to see if we could get some STYXX tix. A call to the Alladin box office and we are now the proud owners of 2 tix for their gig Sunday! So we rally up and head across the street to the Aladdin to pick em up and sign up for their slot club. They had some deal where u get a free mug for signing up and then once you hit 80 points, you get 10 bucks off buffet, Hard Rock t-shirt, polo shirt and denim jacket. Lots of new machines here, so I tried Animal House 2 center. 5 bucks in and 3 hours later, i got the 80. Was up to 6000 credits at one point, finally cashed at 1000 pts. Wife wandered and tried some other machines and finally we head to get some chow at the Alladin. Forgot the name of the place, looks to be their restaurant that is open 24 hrs, American and Chinese fare mostly. 25 bucks including tip and we r toast.

Back to the B, in room movie and lights out at 1130. Weather was cloudy and 50s. Really dug the vibe at the Aladdin. The slot deal worked out nice. Down a c note for the day, all else was great. It is 430 am now, time to hit the shower, wait for wifey to wake and will get Friday cranking.